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creative activism

      he world is filled with pressing challenges, and I refuse to stand
idle. My commitment to activism
is a call to action, a battle cry for creative change.

Together, we'll champion the causes close to our hearts, raise our voices, and drive the movements that can reshape our world for the better.

I believe that every one of us possesses a unique gift and a powerful story. By sharing these stories of resilience and triumph, we inspire others to dream, to act, and to become unstoppable forces of positive change.



"It was an honor to be with a group of creative people, working to bring creative action to activism. I was inspired by my conversation with Rae, to continue and broaden my work in the field of creative conservation. It is affirming to know that there is a community of people in the world who's intention is to change the world for the better, using creative methods."

                 ~ Heather Bierman

                      Creative Activist

                       Summit 2016

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I am Rae Luskin, your

CREATIVE MINDFULNESS MENTOR. We're here to guide you on a path of

self-discovery, creativity, and purpose. It's time to turn your dreams into reality.

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Because you're destined
for greatness!

dream big   
live on purpose  
be unstoppable


"Rae is a survivor. She has the capacity to create a safe place for exploration, discovery and healing. Wherever you are on your journey, trust that she is a competent and compassionate guide to lead you to the next step. Art is the path. Joy is what we discover. Activism is our tool for changing ourselves and the world.”  

          ​~ Vincent Toran,
             Speaker, Coach and Author

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