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       ello, I am Rae Luskin, author, artist, activist and Creative Mindfulness Mentor. Welcome to my virtual sanctuary. My work revolves around igniting your Creative Spirit! I'm here to take you on a creative  journey of discovery through The Four Pillars
of my passion and purpose.

Are you ready for the
next chapter of your life


My creative tools will help you unleash your heart's desire, and discover steps that lead to positive change in your life.  Learn how to unlock the boundless potential within you to make a difference within our communities and beyond.


This journey is guided by the Pillars of Expression, Mindfulness, Vision, & Activism.


Whether you are a writer, healer, accountant or entrepreneur, tap into your creativity to enhance your life.

Learn simple creative  tools that help you clarify your purpose, be more authentic, and communicate more effectively.

How can we support you in finding your unique voice and living your life in full color?

Step into a sanctuary of tranquility where mindfulness and creativity converge.

Explore practices that foster mental clarity, emotional balance, resilience, well-being and quiet the inner critic.

It's more than a practice,

it is a way of life.

How can we help you
slow down and find serenity in the
chaos of everyday

Discover Inner
Peace & Resilience

"What is it you plan to

do with your one

wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

Unleash Your
Creative Potential


Shape Your Future

Embark on a journey of

intentional visioning.

Explore tools and techniques that help you see the big picture, uncover your passion and purpose and live in alignment with your values


What is your heart’s desire and how can we help you create the life
of your dreams?

Unlock Your Imagination

Join a community of change-makers using creativity to address pressing issues.

Discover how creative activism can transform your life, build community and drive positive change.


How can we help you be the change and have more impact and influence?

Be a Catalyst
for Change
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