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creative visioning

      he future is what we make of it. Visioning is my gift, and I want to share it with you. Let's embark on a journey of exploration, where we'll conceive bold dreams, craft visions
of possibility, and navigate the path
to our desired futures. Together, we can turn dreams into reality.


Creative Visioning Sessions

I offer personalized mentoring to help you discover what brings your heart joy. Visioning activities that can bring focus and help you get started on some action steps to bring more fulfillment into your life's adventure.


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“Rae helped me find joy and beauty in life.  She is stimulating, intelligent, open-minded, willing to listen as well as to contribute.  She encouraged me to find my purpose after retirement in being a therapy team with my dog! “        
               ~ Mindy Comitor



“Each time I have worked with Rae Luskin I feel joy to be seen and heard. Through her guidance and play I am able to get out of my own way to my “aha” place of release. Rae inspires me to keep doing this deeper work. I appreciate the questions she poses to support me to dig in.“  

                          ~ Sandra M

Allow me to help you discover and define your dreams and desires,
and begin to give them the attention they deserve.

Lean into your intuition, let go of other people’s expectations… say YES to what is in your heart and soul.


You will get guidance, tools and strategies in a structured, supportive, creative environment.

You are here for a reason. People need to hear
your voice and vision.

 If you have heard
the whisper that
won’t go away.
Listen to it.

·     Discover the magnetic power of
     your core values and intention.

·     Reframe the voice of “I can’t”,  

      into “Anything is possible”.

·     Activate your creative genius.

·     Envision the life and world you
     would love.

·     Mind map next steps.

·     Step confidently into your  
     passion, purpose, and power.

dream big   
live on purpose  
be unstoppable


“Rae has the unique ability to help people discover their blessing, embrace their inner creativity and emerge as the innovative leader they are meant to be no matter the age, position, or experience.“  

              ~ Laura Davis
                  Courage to Heal

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